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Trusted for 20+ Years  

Early Education Career Institute has been trusted by premier companies, government agencies and aspiring professionals to deliver innovative, industry strategies and specially tailored vocational curriculum to advance the ECE workforce.

Now we are home of the NAECEA Workforce Hub!

We Connect Early Childhood Educator Apprentice to Employers. Together they build the ECE workforce pipeline...

At the National Early Education Career Institute, we are achieving more with our national initiatives for early care practitioners than ever before. We work on many exciting projects helping to improve your day-to-day career experience. We value the impact you have in the economical flow of our nation, as you provide solutions to the workforce crises locally while fostering the development and well-being of children. We acknowledge the important role you play as essential service providers to communities across the nation.


As an association we are very proud of the progress we continue to make in impacting ECE Apprentice lives through our career services, community partnerships and resources.  The NAECEA exemplifies our dedication to the mission of strengthening professionals to further the workforce needs of early care by creating both accessible solutions.

Our proven model:

  • Places hundreds of new hires and aspiring ECE workers into new Registered Apprenticeship Programs (RAP's) Annually

  • Lead directly into Registered Apprenticeship in Early Childhood Educator occupation, currently a high demand high-skill, high wage occupations.

  • Offers Related Instruction Training that is includes a dual industry credential and credit consideration.

  • Bridges academic aptitude and confidence for college ready learners

The NAECEA offers a platform for industry partners to be represented on the Eligible Training Provider List (ETPL). We have compiled a list of Workforce Innovation Opportunity Act (WIOA) programs, Related Training Instructors and Early Childcare Programs with a willingness to support the ECE Workforce Community. These employers and Workforce Development Boards have committed to serving the ECE community and have committed to the utilization of facilities, wage incentives, hiring standards and the utilization of innovation streamline processes such as, individual training accounts for incumbent workers and those seeking to re-skill to become hire wage earners in ECE.

Careers Supported by the Early Childhood Educator
  • Child Development

  • Teacher

  • Early Childhood Teacher

  • Group Teacher

  • Infant Teacher

  • Montessori Preschool Teacher

  • Nursery Teacher

  • Pre-Kindergarten Teacher (Pre-K Teacher)

  • Teacher

  • Toddler Teacher

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